How to align the value in a text box using javascript?

How to align the value in a text box using javascript?

I found various methods to do it on google, but only one of them worked for me. Hence I decided to write a post on this.

function mytest3() {
// This works in both IE and chrome.

// Not working.
// document.getElementById("y1").style="text-align:right";

// Following works in Chrome (But not in IE)
// document.getElementById("y1").setAttribute("style", "text-align:right");


Well, for more information why the other two options were not working.
Please have a look at the following URL under section Text Properties

Another good link to study is

Well, if you like to use jquery and achive the same thing.

<title&gtjQuery demo
<script type="text/javascript" src="jquery.js" language="javascript"&gt



Another very good website for learning javascript is,html,live

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