Dynamically generate HTML elements using javascript and save them on server

Dynamically generate HTML elements using javascript and save them on server

Today while working in office, I had a requirement where I was required to generate dynamic elements in HTML form and then later on submit the form to a server and save the filled in data.

Though it was not very difficult to generate dynamic elements using javascript, but when I tried to save the data by submitting the form, i got an message from the server that the fields I had submitted are not provided.

But I had provided the fields, I was able to see the HTML elements on screen.

I tried to look on internet, might be possible that as disabled fields are not sent to server, similarly there is a chance that dynamically generated fields are also not sent to the server.
And unfortunately I found a link which was supporting my above statement. Here is the link

Actually, I converted a text box to a drop down which got populated using an ajax call. I kept the same ID for the already present textbox and the newly created drop down.
But the values of newly created dropdown were not submitted to the server. So what went wrong???

The mistake I was doing in my project was that I had set the ID of the dynamically generated dropdown, but I forgot to set the name. and in struts if you remember, Action form elements are synched with the elements of the same name in HTML form.

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