Example of Decorator Pattern – LowerCaseInputStream

Create a LowerCaseInputStream class as follows

public class LowerCaseInputStream extends FilterInputStream 

public LowerCaseInputStream(InputStream in) {

public int read() throws IOException
int c = super.read();
return c;
return Character.toLowerCase(c);
public int read(byte b[], int offset, int len) throws IOException
int result = super.read(b, offset, len);
for (int i = offset; i < offset+result; i++)
b[i] = (byte)Character.toLowerCase((char)b[i]);
return result;


Use LowerCaseInputStream as follows

public static void main(String[] args) throws FileNotFoundException {
FileInputStream fis = new FileInputStream("D:\\Yogesh.txt");
BufferedInputStream bufin = new BufferedInputStream(fis);
InputStream in = new LowerCaseInputStream(bufin);
int c;
catch(Exception e)


Find it really interesting? You can read more about Decorator pattern in Head First Design Pattern book.

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