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How to execute a JS method on any DOM change in the HTML page at runtime

You need to bind a function to the DOMSubtreeModified mutation event: $(document).bind(‘DOMSubtreeModified’, function () { <Code to Execute> }); If your target browsers support it, you should use a¬†MutationObserver¬†instead.

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How to create a table with fixed columns and headers

table.main { width: 700px; height: 221px; table-layout: fixed; } table.root { table-layout: fixed; } table.content { table-layout: fixed; width: 1890px; } table.head { table-layout: fixed; width: 1890px; } table.frozen { table-layout: fixed; } td { line-height: 28px; } div.horizontal-scroll { … Continue reading

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ADF – Displaying Multi-Line Text with outputText Component

To display multi-line text, the basic idea is applying the white-space CSS property to the element with one of following values: pre, pre-wrap and pre-line. This property controls the processing of whitespace inside an element. The exact value you need … Continue reading

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How to create multi-level menu’s using HTML and CSS

Create a style.css as follows body { font: normal .8em/1.5em Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif; background: #ebebeb; width: 900px; margin: 100px auto; color: #666;}a { color: #333;}#nav { margin: 0; padding: 7px 6px 0; /*background: #7d7d7d repeat-x 0 -110px;*/ background:#7d7d7d; line-height: 100%; … Continue reading

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How to include a JavaScript file in another JavaScript file

There are two main ways to achieve this: 1 – You can load it with an Ajax call and then use eval. This is the most straightforward way, but it’s limited to your domain because of the JavaScript safety settings, … Continue reading

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How to make a dropdown as readonly in html

I encountered a problem where in it was required to make a drop down readonly. While searching over internet i found THISBut the solution mentioned there, didn’t appeal me much. As i had to make server side code changes while … Continue reading

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How to make ajax call in spring framework

Write a server side method, with a mapping something as follows: @RequestMapping(“/getKids.html”) public @ResponseBody String getChildren(@RequestParam(value = “ocn”) String ocn, HttpServletRequest request, HttpServletResponse response) { return ocn.toUpperCase(); } Here @ResponseBody tells the framework to return value of the method to … Continue reading

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