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How to make ajax call in spring framework

Write a server side method, with a mapping something as follows: @RequestMapping(“/getKids.html”) public @ResponseBody String getChildren(@RequestParam(value = “ocn”) String ocn, HttpServletRequest request, HttpServletResponse response) { return ocn.toUpperCase(); } Here @ResponseBody tells the framework to return value of the method to … Continue reading

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How to download a file using AJAX

I struggled for half of my day finding this. Actually in our project, there is a CART. The requirement is when we click on downloadCart button, it should download the contents of the cart and clear the cart as well. … Continue reading

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JSON, AJAX and jQuery

Today I was working on JSON.1) Requirement was to get the data from a server in a JSON object. Store it into request object.2) And on an HTML page, it was required to fire an AJAX request, get the data … Continue reading

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