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When and how much to mix technologies for a project?

The main idea behind using a technology is to harness the power of code re-usability and libraries that have already been worked on and trusted to be working and functional with minimal or no issues. The term “Technology” does not … Continue reading

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Enable/Disable Proxy Service in OSB via ANT+Python

Below is the configurable code for developers to maintain an ant script to be able to control(Enable/Disable) Proxy Services via Ant Script. Files: weblogic.home.dir=<OSB Home>/wlserver_10.3 weblogic.lib.dir=${weblogic.home.dir}/server/lib fmw.home=<OSB Middleware Home> wls.username =<Weblogic User Id> wls.password =<Weblogic Password> wls.server = … Continue reading

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