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How to configure end point WSDL URL at runtime?

Configure WSDL URL at run-time :

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The prefix "jaxb" for element "jaxb:globalBindings" is not bound.

I’m using xjc to compile XML Schema into JAXB objects and thecompiling is fine unless I try to define jaxb bindings. For instance,if I try adding this code in the schema: bindingStyle=”modelGroupBinding”choiceContentProperty=”true” ><jaxb:javaType name="short"xmlType=”xs:long”printMethod=”javax.xml.bind.DatatypeConverter.printShort”parseMethod=”javax.xml.bind.DatatypeConverter.parseShort”/> xjc complains with:[ERROR] The prefix “jaxb” … Continue reading

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xsd:date maps to java.util.Calendar

My schema has an element of type xs:date, which jaxb maps to a java.util.Calendar. If I create a Calendar object with Calendar.getInstance(), it marshalls to “2003-11-24-05:00”. How can I get it to marshall to just “2003-11-24”? SOLUTION:Write a converter class … Continue reading

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