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When and how much to mix technologies for a project?

The main idea behind using a technology is to harness the power of code re-usability and libraries that have already been worked on and trusted to be working and functional with minimal or no issues. The term “Technology” does not … Continue reading

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ADF – Displaying Multi-Line Text with outputText Component

To display multi-line text, the basic idea is applying the white-space CSS property to the element with one of following values: pre, pre-wrap and pre-line. This property controls the processing of whitespace inside an element. The exact value you need … Continue reading

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What’s the difference between display: none and visibility: hidden?

Question: What’s the difference between display: none and visibility: hidden?The display: none and visibility: hidden CSS properties appear to be the same thing, but they aren’t. Answer:These two style properties do two different things. visibility: hidden hides the element, but … Continue reading

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