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When and how much to mix technologies for a project?

The main idea behind using a technology is to harness the power of code re-usability and libraries that have already been worked on and trusted to be working and functional with minimal or no issues. The term “Technology” does not … Continue reading

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OpenCart 1.5.X developer quick start guide for beginners

This guide is written for developers already familiar with PHP, OOP and the MVC architecture In the following, you’ll see examples for the catalog side of the cart. The admin side is identical in function with the exception of the … Continue reading

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How to create a custom admin page in OpenCart?

OpenCart uses the MVC pattern. Recommended reading: How to be an OpenCart Guru? 1) Create a new file in admin/controller/custom/helloworld.php Your filename and controller name should be the same in desc order: helloworld.php <? class ControllerCustomHelloWorld extends Controller{ public function index(){ … Continue reading

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PHPMAILER: Attach A File To An Email In PHP

The steps below shows you how to set up and use the PHPMailer library: Import the PHPMailer Lib into your project either using Autoloader or Include. Library can be found @ Implement the code as below: include(‘phpmailer.php’); $email = new … Continue reading

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SQL to Mongo Mapping Chart

This is a PHP-specific version of the » SQL to Mongo mapping chart in the main docs. SQL Statement Mongo Query Language Statement CREATE TABLE USERS (a Number, b Number) Implicit or use MongoDB::createCollection(). INSERT INTO USERS VALUES(1,1) $db->users->insert(array(“a” => 1, “b” => 1)); … Continue reading

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